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Request an estimate

Please send a brief email outlining your requirements to file attachment of your intended text for translation would be really helpful. Karen Andrews will then send you asap a fixed quotation based on your final copy or an estimate based on your draft copy to help you set your budget. Translation services tend to be specific to individual clients and/or particular projects. Before we can agree appropriate rates, a number of factors need to be taken into account:

  • Text type (general, semi-specialised or highly technical)
  • File format received and delivery format required
  • The level of urgency

Please do not hesitate to email and ask any questions. Alternatively, call Karen on +44 (0)759 5976498. Initial advice is free and without obligation. By contrast, using unprofessional translation services can be very costly. It really is not worth the aggravation or the risk to your company’s brand and reputation. Anglicity’s General Terms of Business are available here. For your convenience, you may wish use the form below to contact Anglicity: